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Orthopedists Email list


Blue Mail Media gives progressive Orthopedists Email List which can assist you with enabling your promoting effort over the world. Our tweaked Orthopedic Surgeon Mailing Database guarantees higher reaction and change rate.


Visit our site for more info or Contact us at 1-888-494-0588. Our data experts are here to assist you!


Summer Marketing Campaigns to Boost Customer Engagement


Summer marketing campaigns are the greatest way to promote your products and services. Summer has always been a great companion for marketers. It helps them enhance the sales rate by being creative with their campaign.


Visit: Summer Marketing Campaigns to Boost Customer Engagement

Increase Your Sales Productivity with Direct Phone Numbers

Direct Phone Numbers have numerous benefits for sales executives striving to reach high-level decision-makers. This Infographic highlights how you can increase the sales productivity with direct phone numbers.

5 Ways to Stay Safe and Connected With Your Target Audience

Cornavirus outbreak has caused more damage than what one had ever imagined. So far, more lives have been lost across the globe and the number is increasing every passing day. Businesses have come to a standstill. So, it can be clearly seen that this "Panademic" has brought great difficulties in the lives of people both rich and poor.


It is well understood that every problem comes with a solution. This holds equally true to the crisis that the entire humanity is fighting & facing "Covid-19." If you're wondering how to keep your business running during the current crisis then this post is for you. Through this post, we share valuable tips on how to stay safe and connect with your targeted audience.

NAICS Code 511 : Publishing Industries (except Internet)

Blue Mail Media’s NAICS Code 511 is the reliable choice for the businesses to reach the professionals from the Publishing Industries (except Internet) industry. You can interact seamlessly with the decision makers who hold a higher position in the organization.


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How to Break the Unwritten Rule of B2B Branding?

Many B2B marketers make the mistake of following the same set of rules when it comes to branding. So what's the big deal you might ask? Well, this results in creating a mediocre brand that is not capable enough to make any difference to their customers. So, to stay ahead of your competitors by leaps and bounds, we share five unwritten rules of B2B branding that you ought to say goodbye at the earliest.

Telemarketing Tips


In 2020, telemarketing might not be popular as it was in the past, but it remains one of the most popular marketing strategies to grow the business. With that said, convincing customers to make a sale over the call is hard. Hence, it is advisable to follow telemarketing tips to make the most of the outbound calls.

B2B Customer Experience: A new way to improve brand growth


No matter whether you operate in B2B or B2C market, customer experience is paramount for business success.


Of many similarities, there exist few differences between B2B and B2C customers, especially when it comes to purchasing habits. B2B marketers can leverage customer experience to differentiate and take their brand to the next level.


With that said, here we have come up with proven ways to improve the customer experience to enhance your brand.

5 Low-Cost B2B Lead Generation Strategies for 2020


Lead generation for B2B websites isn't as easy as it sounds. Irrespective of how great your product or service is, if people aren't aware of your offereings, the sales won't come easy, making lead generation paramount for B2B businesses.


In this post, we share five proven B2B lead generation tips that work for 2020. Read and implement them for massive success.



Leverage the Power of Email Appending

Power of Email Appending


Inaccurate data can prove costly for your business. Its consequences can be felt through a decrease in sales & revenue. However, all is not lost. Companies can deploy email appending services to counter the negative facets of poor data quality.


To educate the marketers, we have come up with an infographic post to highlight the power of email appending. Go through the post and discover what e-appending services can do for your business.

What Is Email Appending?

Email Appending (also known as e-appending or email append) is a process of matching client’s data against the marketer’s database to add missing email addresses.


This marketing practice permits customers to maintain accurate and up-to-date information about prospects. Email appending is one of the easiest ways to grow the marketing list. This service helps the businesses in re-engaging with the old customers and also improving the sales ROI.


What is Data Cleansing?

Data Cleansing is the method of detecting and removing or correcting inaccurate records in a database. A comprehensive data management plan for every business must include regular Data Cleansing Services. With this service, firms can prevent absolutely every error in their databases, and thereby expand the ways in which customers can interact with them.


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SIC Code Lookup

SIC or Standard Industrial Classification codes are four-digit numerical codes that identify the primary business of any establishment. The U.S. government assigns this code to all the business establishments. The classification of businesses was primarily developed to ease the data collection, presentation, and analysis process. Reach our data representatives at 1-888-494-0588 or sales@bluemailmedia.com for any further information.

Strategies to Implement while Marketing to Human Resources Executives

HR executives play a very vital role in every business organizations around the world. They are the ones who collaborate with several other business heads to build up enterprise business strategies. Check here the strategies to implement while Marketing to HR Executives for your products or business promotion.

The 7 Commandments of Email Marketing for Small Businesses


One of the most popular and formidable among such strategies is email marketing. Let us look at the seven commandments of Email Marketing for Small Businesses that will ensure successful customer acquisition and retention. 

Leisure and Entertainment Mailing List

Blue Mail Media’s Leisure and Entertainment Mailing List can be the perfect strategic resource for your sales and marketing cadre. You can send an enquiry at sales@bluemailmedia.com and Contact us now at 1-888-494-0588.